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On one hand, every car accident case is different. On the other hand, most of them follow a basic pattern. This pattern is what allows insurance claims to go through without lengthy court battles and lets those involved in fender benders get back to their lives fairly quickly.


There are, however, four significant details that can greatly change how your car accident case proceeds, and make you more likely to need the assistance of a wrongfuldeathsouthflorida accident attorney in your state.

1. Statute of Limitations

Each state has a defined statute of limitations after which time you may no longer legally pursue a car accident claim. This period of time varies from state to state, but one example is Colorado, where the statute of limitations is three years.


There are a few exceptions to this statute. One allows for pursuing medical bills related to an injury that was discovered later. Another allows for a case to be pursued after the statute has passed if the victim of the car accident was legally a minor at the time of injury. The mental status of the claimant is also taken into account when the court considers allowing a claim to be heard after the statute of limitations has passed.

To avoid statute-related wrinkles in your own car accident claim, make sure to file quickly and obtain a thorough medical evaluation before accepting a settlement.


2. Poor Road Conditions

While in normal cases the blame for a car accident can be placed on one of the drivers involved, sometimes poor road conditions are found to have been the cause.


When roads have icy patches, steep drop-offs or are just poorly designed, even the best driver can end up involved in an accident. In these situations, drivers often find it helpful to work with an attorney who has experience with wrecks caused by bad road conditions. If the roadway’s design or safety level was somehow at fault, an attorney will be more equipped to pursue a claim against the responsible government party.

3. Government-Owned Vehicles

As with accidents involving poor road conditions, those involving a vehicle operated on behalf of the government also require a bit more legal muscle, and you’ll need to be diligent in filling out all paperwork in a correct and timely manner.


The statute of limitations in these cases may be a bit shorter than for other types of accidents, and the level of documentation involved is likely to be greater.

4. Uninsured Drivers

Getting in a car accident in the first place is bad enough, but when the other driver is uninsured the situation takes on additional headaches. If the uninsured driver was also the negligent party who caused the wreck, things may become even more complex.


You may end up relying on your own uninsured driver coverage to pay your medical bills and repairs, or you may be left without a clear path to restitution at all. Depending on the details of your insurance policy, your provider may even attempt to prove that you were the negligent party in order to limit your restitution.

Know the local Car Accident Laws, and Know When to Seek Help

With so many unexpected details that can create roadblocks to settling your insurance claim after a car accident, no one could be expected to be prepared for every contingency. What you can do, though, is be aware of the laws that can affect the outcome of your car accident claim, and know when it’s time to contact an auto accident lawyer. If you want to hire Boca Car Accident Attorney and Jupiter wrongful death lawyer visits http://wrongfuldeathsouthflorida.com.

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